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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The First Post

Thank you, Deuce (and Whit in the early days) for running the EB all of these years.   It was a great vehicle for me to keep in touch with the motherland.  Met a lot of people there over the years.  A lot of have come and gone.  A few have stayed.  It's a hollow place these days compared to its former glory days.  The picture of The Eagle Saloon is fitting.  A gutted version of the EB.  Just the drunks left.  In particular, I miss:

Asperger's Gentleman
Brother D-Day
Buddy Larsen
Gag Reflex
MLD (Oh, how I miss, MLD)

This is the 3rd time Deuce has done this.  Close shop only to reopen so who knows?  I would rather be at the EB if it ever reopens.  Hopefully Deuce doesn't renovate it.  It would take away all the character.  And, what's up with posting a picture of himself?  Just takes all the mystery out of it.

We all need to put the squeeze on Quirk and get him to be co-author of the saloon.


  1. Thank you Sam. You and Doug covered the Pacific taking us to 24/7.

    We forget that blogging was the original private media that we used to find our collective voice against the corporate media. It was unique, raw and fun. I enjoyed doing it and look forward to participating on your blog.

    1. It was fun in the early days. That's for sure.

  2. Thanks, Deuce. Like I said, I'm not going to have much time with this.

    Have a re-read of the post. I tweaked it just a bit.

  3. Sam, that was my last helicopter trip!

  4. Great to have you up, Sam.

    I'm not going to let up on Quirk until he lends you a hand.

  5. What I don't get is, if, as the leftists say, we are Nazi Germany, why are so many people trying to break INTO Nazi Germany ?

    I don't get it.

  6. Quirk is the fourth gentleman down on the right, back to us, pointing up to something of importance he thinks he sees on the ceiling.

    1. Gentlemen always wear hats in saloons.

    2. The saloon has TWO bar keeps, the inner esoteric meaning of which is that Quirk must be serving up the delights 1/2 the time.

  7. .


    Sam, good to see you are up and running. You look good behind the bar although it looks like our favorite metrosexual has put on a few pounds since the days of Trish and MLD. Hopefully, you are at least still continuing with the manscaping.

    Your homage to Deuce was appropriate. Over the years, I've been amazed at some of the things he's been able to do with the blog. I'm sure your efforts will continue the tradition.

    I know you mentioned you wanted to keep the blog going to keep the US connection going which is fine but if you have any friends there in Australia invite them in for a drink. And if those friends happen to be on the distaff side even better.

    As for my participation, no point in talking about that on your first day up. We can discuss things by e-mail if Deuce is willing to send you my e-mail address.

    Once again, your off to a nice start.



    1. Thanks, Quirk! Before I noticed you mentioned it, I added a little comment next to MLD.

      Yeah, it's a fitting way to start it off. A tribute to Deuce.

      Deuce, please send me Quirk's email.

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  8. Thanks for keeping a place open for the committed
    drunks, Sam.

    And Deuce for the many years of faithful service:
    When was the first post?

  9. AUDIO:

    Congressional Intern Screams ‘F*** You!’ at President Trump at Capitol

    A female Congressional intern screamed, “Mr. President, f*** you!”, as President Donald Trump walked through the Capitol to a meeting with House Republicans on immigration.


    1. Must not have got any in the morning.

    2. https://twitter.com/dmartosko/status/1009217203202330624

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  11. You the same Sam, and I'll exchange them for you.

  12. I think the helicopter was French or a Sikorski.

  13. Deuce is both the last post and the first post. I feel empty and sad. All the memories. It’s truly a sad day.

  14. I was on TDY to Da Nang from the UK. I was fresh out of a Marconi wide band training course on Marconi equipment manufactured outside of London. I was trained by the air force in tropospheric scatter, wide band communications. Microwave wide band is line of sight 30-40 km. Tropo used the troposphere to reflect and was good up to 500 km.

    By 1966, the US Army realized that they were going to be in Viet Nam for a long time and they needed a more defensible communications system.

    The US army had almost no experience with tropo so I was attached to a USAF GREIA outfit to install the Marconi system in Viet Nam. We worked about 16 hours a day. Our incentive was we could go back to England when we finished the install.

  15. I had personal reasons to get away from my base at Bentwaters. It was an out of sight out of mind kind of thing.

  16. I can see why you were wotking 16 hour days. :)

    Awesome story, thanks.

  17. Oh, ok. Maybe you should’ve slowed the pace down a bit and drug it out.

  18. Replies
    1. Interesting, thanks. Sounds like the Mongo DB dude.

  19. I hear you Quirk, we need to get an Aussie surfer MLD in the saloon.

  20. And, Bob is on to sonething there, Quirk. There’s 2 barkeeps. Yeah, I’ve put a few pounds on over the EB years.

    1. :)

      Nah, you're being kind.

      I'm certain the fat ass is Quirk.

      No one could surf with a body like that.

  21. June 20, 2018
    IG Report Confirms: Our Republic Is under Existential Threat
    By Rich Logis

    The title of the Office of the Inspector General's report last week is snoozily bureaucratic-sounding: "A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election."

    The document confirms, for many of us, our worst fear: segments of our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies are a clear and present existential danger to our republic.

    Let's try to be as un-hindsight and objective as possible. I am not interested in re-litigating the 2016 presidential election (my guy won), but here's a "what if?" that should keep you up at night.

    Had Republicans and independents not outnumbered Democrats in crucial swing states, if we had lost 2016, how much of the contents of the I.G. report would we have known about? Today? Right now?

    How much would we have known about the weaponized depth and breadth of secrecy and corruption and disdain for Americans whose taxes paid for officials to hate us, on our dime, and label us "uneducated, lazy POS"?

    Zero – that's how much.

    If Hillary Clinton were president, what would we have been talking about this past week? I'm not sure, but I'm certain.....


    1. Robert Spencer in FrontPage: When I Tried to Give Gifts to the FBI
      JUN 19, 2018 4:00 PM BY ROBERT SPENCER

      The idea that there was a jihad threat made Obama-era FBI agents recoil in horror. My latest in FrontPage:

      The Department of Justice inspector general report has begun to reveal the extent of FBI corruption, and it’s pandemic. One notable indication of this corruption that the report reveals is that the Obama-era FBI was only too happy to be wooed and lavished with gifts by the establishment media. This reminded me of a time when I tried to give two Obamoid FBI agents copies of a book about the jihad threat – then these eminently corruptible officials suddenly turned into Dudley Do-Right, and absolutely could not, under any circumstances, accept gifts.

      “We have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel that we have uncovered during our review,” says the report. “FBI employees received tickets to sporting events from journalists, went on golfing outings with media representatives, were treated to drinks and meals after work by reporters, and were the guests of journalists at nonpublic social events.”

      But several years ago I had lunch with a couple of FBI agents who were the very epitome of the kind of agent Barack Obama and James Comey wanted: extremely young, spottily educated, politically correct, secure and condescending in their ignorance, deeply concerned about the “right-wing” threat, and not at all preoccupied with the global jihad threat except insofar as it might put them on the trail of some “Islamophobes.” Over a reasonably cordial lunch, I told them about active jihadis who contact me from time to time, thinking that my website Jihad Watch is actually a pro-jihad site; they agreed to accept information about these people, but spent most of their time warning me somewhat ludicrously that if I had any contact with them, I could be charged as an accessory to terrorist activity – a prospect that seemed to bring a light to their eyes.

      That light went out, however, when I offered them copies of my book Arab Winter Comes to America, which details evidence of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the U.S. government, as well as the inroads into American businesses and schools of Islamic advocacy groups in the U.S. that are tied to the Brotherhood. When I produced two copies of the book, they recoiled as if I had put a snake on the table and explained that they couldn’t, just couldn’t possibly, accept gifts of any kind, oh no, and explained to me that to do so would violate rules that were in place to prevent the FBI from being corrupted.

      All right, so they didn’t want to read my book – big deal. But this was part of a larger pattern. What did these agents want to avoid being corrupted by? By the truth: in 2011, the Obama administration ordered the removal of all mention of Islam and jihad from counter-terror training. And in 2015, the FBI had no agents in place to stop the jihad attack on the free speech event Pamela Geller and I organized in Garland, Texas, even though it is clear that they knew about this attack beforehand. So it comes as no surprise that while FBI agents were accepting “tickets to sporting events from journalists” and going on “golfing outings with media representatives” – all who no doubt shared their same see-no-jihad, hear-no-jihad perspective — they suddenly became as full of probity as Elliot Ness when offered a chance to educate themselves about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat.

      Unfortunately for the clueless, corrupt, and compromised FBI, that jihad threat is not going to go away. As I show....


    2. Australia: Three KFC stores refuse to sell bacon on sandwiches, as they use only halal products
      By Robert Spencer on Jun 19, 2018 04:35 pm
      Australia: Three KFC stores refuse to sell bacon on sandwiches, as they use only halal products
      The principle is always and everywhere the same: in Muslim countries, non-Muslims should change their behavior to conform to Muslim sensibilities. And in non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims should change their behavior to conform to Muslim sensibilities. If you’re a non-Muslim in Punchbowl and want bacon on your KFC sandwich, you’re out of luck. The Muslims eschew […]
      Read in browser »


    3. Australia: Muslim mob screaming “F*** off Christians” stomps on Christian’s head and breaks table over his head
      By Robert Spencer on Jun 19, 2018 09:53 am
      Australia: Muslim mob screaming “F*** off Christians” stomps on Christian’s head and breaks table over his head
      No one will pay any particular attention to this. But just imagine the international outcry had the roles been reversed. This would be front-page news for weeks. That in itself demonstrates that the establishment media is more interested in pushing an agenda than actually reporting events. “‘Muslims were calling Christians f***ing dogs’: Inside the Liberal […]
      Read in browser »


    4. Don't let any more of them in, Sam.

      Just trouble.

      Soon they will want your head for running a liquor establishment.

  22. First Lady Melania Calls Secret Service After Peter Fonda Threatens to Kidnap Barron Trump

    Academy Award-nominated actor and filmmaker Peter Fonda is calling for Barron Trump to be placed in a cage with pedophiles, children of ICE agents to be threatened, and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to be stripped naked and whipped in public.


    Fonda said Hollywood Director Roman Polanski “wasn’t a criminal” in 2009.

  23. Didn't make the "miss list"?

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